the projected lives of 

17.05 — 06.07.2023
1 rue Elzévir, 75003 PARIS

Noviadi Angkasapura Untitled, 2017 Ball point pen, graphite, marker on paper, 30.5 x 41.9 cm
Noviadi Angkasapura, Untitled, 2014 Ink on paper, 29.2 x 21 cm

In this equation, Angkasapura sees himself as a broadcaster and does not pretend to understand or explain the content of its drawings, done in biros, graphite or coloured pencil on small-format paper or cardboard. Their skeins of random lines, with wild silhouettes of demons, djinns and anthropomorphic creatures, are tirelessly crossed by the mantras KI RADEN SASTRO INGGIL and JUJUR SABAR, sinuous calligraphies instilling the virtues of honesty and patience.

Although inspired by various iconographic traditions – the Javanese wayang puppets, a popular shadow theatre in Indonesia, or the epic of the Râmâyana – the figures are never literally derived from these sources. In a diffuse temporality and a composition close to collage, Angkasapura merges East and West, styles and registers. Between ecstasy and turmoil, paradise and damnation, he sediments imprints – meteorological, geological, anatomical or astronomical. As if in an editing room or an augmented reality, the inner space of the drawing expands, the forms split, the lines vibrate and, before our eyes, in weightlessness, living portraits, diffracted visions or islands splashed from the sky emerge.

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